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texas teapot tournament

updated tue 9 jan 07


Kim Overall on sun 7 jan 07

Hey Everyone!

Last night was the best event EVER for the Houston Potters Guild. A raving
success thanks in large part by the artists who entered. A lot of hard work
with extraordinary rewards. A lot of lessons learned on what NOT to do next
go round, too. I feel like I just delivered 79 babies (# of teapots in
exhibition). I'm exhausted.

I'll announce the three winners after I confirm who won people's choice last

From the auction: I came home owning Mel Jacobson and Nils Lou teapots!!!!!
You should've seen the look on the Guild's President's face when I wrote in
my bid below hers the last SECOND of the auction. She was strangling my
neck for the newspaper photographer, but I doubt they'll publish that.

Recouping and anxious to get back to MY work.

Will post soon the winners. Thank you so much everyone!!!!!!!!!

Kim Overall
Texas Teapot Tournament Chair
in good ol' Houston, Texas

Jeanette Harris on mon 8 jan 07

Hiya, Kim,

Congratulations on your first show! And way to go on the auction.
Looking forward to more msgs on the show. Thanks for taking the time
in all the hub-bub to send us an update.


Jeanette Harris
Clay Engineer
Poulsbo WA