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tips and time travel the book and dvd

updated sat 6 jan 07


Marek & Pauline Drzazga-Donaldson on fri 5 jan 07

Dear Clayarters,

I am pleased to report that I have finished the compositing of the DVD =
that accompanies the book "Tips and Time Travel from a Vernacular =
Potter", both of which can be bought using PayPal (or contact me for an =
alternative transaction) from my site

You can browse through the chapters and read the 1st, and see some of =
the video content prior to buying. This really is a Potter's Book with a =
difference, and I do not pull any punches at all. The DVD is just under =
3 hrs long, but as I use a multi screen effect in many places the =
overall footage would be about 9 hours in a linear format. It is crammed =
full tips and tricks, and I have denied the user from "PLAY ALL", as I =
believe that browsing through the Chapters and watching a little at a =
time becomes more interactive and rewarding - this is not background =

So have a Prosperolus New Year, and so as to make 2007 more prosperous =
for me buy the Book and DVD from

Happy Potting from Marek

For those that requested the Free Works DVD some months ago - hope you =
all received it in good order - I have sent a private email (from = with a special deal. If you have not received this =
email please email me privately and I will resend it.

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