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pit firing chemicals and animals!

updated thu 4 jan 07


Sandy Fenstermacher on wed 3 jan 07

Hello All

Well I've been snooping around the site for a couple days, and I have to say it is an unmatched welath of knowledge! I'm pretty excited.

This question is a few years off in relevance for me, but and inquiring mind needs to know! My husband and I are currently living in Germany, but are planning to buy a farm when we move back to the states in 2010. I definetly want to have a pit firing set up but i am concerned about the chemicals being used, and how it will affect the animals. We plan on having a couple horses, a cow, and probably some sheep or pigs, plus various other small farm animals, and of course our cats and dogs : ) My main concern is that the chemicals will stay in the soil, and get into the water somehow. I don't plan on pit firing as my main method of firing, and would probably only be doing it once a month at the most. If anyone has expereince with this siduation, or any advice I would greatly appreciate it!

Sandy Kilborn

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