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aim gas kiln

updated thu 4 jan 07


J. Andrews on wed 3 jan 07

Well folks, this is the first time I'm writing you, and I do it in admiration of your expertise. I'm retired from the Gov't, and I never used my fine arts (BFA) and art history (MA) education to make a living in art. My hats off to all of you who manage to do that, or even try doing it. Certainly my liberal education went a long way in building a career, so it didn't go down the drain. But now I can do what I love.

I've been playing in mud for 3 years, and I've been firing my stuff in a small Cress electric kiln with commercial glazes. But I'm proud to say I just bought a Gas Kiln! An Aim G1727 which won't be delivered until 5 weeks from now. I know I will need your help ... So I'm just preparing you. I've done much research, a lot of it on your forum. Thank heavens for it, otherwise I wouldn't have dared get a gas kiln.

My First Question: Before I buy a bunch of chemicals and a Glazemaster program, what would be some basic commercial glazes I can use to experiment with reduction firing?

I love all of you mudders, Joy

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