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throwing plates

updated thu 28 dec 06


Eleanora Eden on thu 28 dec 06

Hi Fred and all,

One thing I would add that works for me is when you form your
lump on the wheel for making a plate pound it down fat and low instead of
the usual for a tall form.

I never really "open" a lump when I throw a plate. Rather, I make
this low and wide shape,
center that, and then take the palm of one hand and press out from
the center while holding
the side with the other hand. I go back and forth with that palm so
the plate is totally
compressed as well as having found the bottom thickness.

There is not much to it after that, bringing up the bit of wall,
flatten out with a nice big
rib, and its all done.

The rib I use for this BTW I made ages ago from a scrap in a
woodworker's shop, about
10" x 5" on the two straight edges with a 3" hole in the middle to
get a good grab on it.

Bellows Falls Vermont