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woodworker's workshop stores gone?

updated mon 25 dec 06


Eleanora Eden on sat 23 dec 06

I googled Woodworker's workshop, a good chain store not that long ago
for tools,
and only found one in Oxforshire, in England.

I take it that this outfit is no longer around?

Bellows Falls Vermont

Ralph Naylor on sun 24 dec 06

Hi Eleanora,

I believe Trend-Lines, the parent company of Woodworkers Warehouse and
Golf Day, went belly-up. I noticed their store in Manchester, NH has been
replaced by Western Tool Supply, seems to have pretty much the same
inventory, and the same people work there. Their web site (link below)
lists a store in Keene, I don't know if that's a former WW location. I
liked WW for their vast assortment of cheapo router bits

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Ralph in NH