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soda kiln builders in bay area?

updated sun 24 dec 06


Centa Uhalde on thu 21 dec 06

I may have asked this already but didn't see my post get posted, so, asking
again; are there any soda kiln builders in the SF Bay Area that I might
consult with and that would be hip to the soft vs hard brick debate, etc.?


Ivor and Olive Lewis on sat 23 dec 06

Dear Centa Uhalde,

Not sure I quite understand your Bayside Argot <...and that would be hip =
to the soft vs hard brick debate, etc.?> but after yesterday's alarm =
bells were given the old ding dong about Kingery et al being written for =
Engineers I had a leaf through the pages of "Ceramic Science for the =

If we are to believe information form Lawrence and West and the picture =
diagram they show on page 225 (2nd Ed) "Other factors influencing =
Thermal Shock Resistance" then Insulating refractories are doomed to =
self destruct. They tell us that Insulating refractories crack from the =
cold side inwards !

Interesting .

Best regards with your quest.

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.