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i disagree! (rounded lips, handles of love)

updated sat 23 dec 06


Robert Edney on fri 22 dec 06

As do I. This is a misguided analogy for a deep spiritual point. One only needs look at the Japanese tea ceremony, where the bowl is humble but significant. The vessel is as much a part of the coffee experience as is the coffee, if for no other reason than the coffee is undrinkable without it. In fact, there's a pretty good argument to be made that we ourselves are the vessels for our own lives -- well rounded lips, handles of love and all.

Lee Love on sat 23 dec 06

On 12/23/06, Robert Edney wrote:

> As do I. This is a misguided analogy for a deep spiritual point.

I don't think it is misguided at all. At the tea Hank's
friend, Okamoto sensei put on, I gave up a 3rd drink from the Ido tea
bowl expressly because I appreciated that tea bowl so much and wanted
someone else to have the experience. I was happily surprised when
Okamoto Sensei accepted the tea to drink himself. It then occurred
to me that it was the way he intended to drink, only after all his
guest had so much that they felt it necessary to refuse.

After reading a book by Dr. Sen, the retired leader of Mr.
Okamoto's school, and experiencing his care for us as guests: The
host completely puts him in the place of the guest and the guest puts
himself in the place of the host, I had a whole new perspective on
what tea meant. My other closest experience was to experience the
Geisha's art at Bonenkai (forget the Year party.)

Lee in Mashiko, Japan
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
"Let the beauty we love be what we do." - Rumi
"When we all do better. We ALL do better." -Paul Wellstone