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smithsonian craft show... now what it takes

updated fri 22 dec 06


Gayle Bair on thu 21 dec 06

Recently a potter friend and I have been bitching about a local
studio tour. It came to a head this year when the steering committee
ordered 300 mugs with a crooked decal of the tour's amateurish logo on it.
The mugs were made in China. They were an insult and beyond tacky.
Now I have a policy that I cannot bitch about something unless I do
something about it. So last year when I was told that there was no site for
a display in town I decided to take on that task, I sought out, arranged,
coordinated and set up the display in town to advertise/sell our
small feat as the main primo site location in town is about 2 blocks long.
My friend because he is available will likely be on the steering committee
as the people responsible for the mug fiasco have quit.
So we are trying to take back the tour & make improvements in a show that
has a lot of potential. I have forwarded many of our Clayart discussions to
him & know I will spend many, many hours on the phone with him.
A lot of artists just want someone else to do all the work..... then they
complain when their sales are dismal.... it just doesn't work that way. I
admire those that take initiative, do what needs to be done to survive,
produce excellent work and sales....
Mel, Tony, Richard, Stephanie, Dannon, Chris, Connie to name a just a
few.................. Youse guys are my heroes! I've no time for the

Gayle Bair - it's so cold in my Tucson garage studio I haven't been in there
for more than a few minutes at a time for over a week. Oh yippee it's just
moved up to 50F.... downright balmy and a lot better conditions than Denver
right now!
Tucson, AZ
Bainbridge Island, WA

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From: Richard Aerni

On Thu, 21 Dec 2006 07:43:09 +0100, Russel Fouts

>Thanks, Richard,
>I thought you said you weren't doing shows any more? ;-)
Thank you! Lots of useful information there.
About the's true I would like to wean myself away from them, but
it doesn't happen overnight, as something has to take their place. I make
100% of my living from my clay sales, so you've got to do what you've got to

I do museum shows, gallery shows, craft shows on the streets, studio sales,
workshops, teach classes, write to clayart ...whatever it takes. I'm
always looking for a better way!

Best to you,
Richard Aerni
Rochester, NY