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potters and insurance

updated thu 21 dec 06


Steve Mills on wed 20 dec 06

Harking back to a thread a few days ago.

At least one company operating Ceramics Fairs in the UK has grasped the
nettle and is requiring those taking part to have Public Liability
Insurance as a condition of participation. Something that the constant
threat of litigation these days is sadly making a necessity!


Pat Southwood on wed 20 dec 06

Harking again....

I have just had the edifying experience of attending one of the =
burgeoning "farmers markets" in the U.K.
In a one horse town with no obvious financial links, but hopefully lots =
of nice middle class Guardian readers will pop up as if by magic........

erm, -wow,- anyone got a good experience to relate re. G.B. farmers =

Seasonal greetings,
Pat Southwood.