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my insurance information

updated tue 19 dec 06


Richard Aerni on mon 18 dec 06

OK, the policies are laid out all over the's the skinny:

My insurance needs are taken care of by an independent agency, which shops
around and comes up with the best deal for me. That said, my umbrella
policy is issued by Travelers Insurance, which also handles my auto and
homeowner's policies, and for $2 million worth of coverage, I pay $255 per
year. This is a comprehensive deal which is not limited to my business.

My business policy is a National Grange Businessowners policy and costs me
$563.50 per year. Here are it's coverages and limits:

Liability and Medical expenses, each occurrence: $1 million dollars
Personal and Advertising Injury Limit $1 million dollars
Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit $2 million dollars
General Aggregate Limit $2 million dollars
Fire Legal Liability, any one fire or explosion $500,000
Medical Expense Limit, per person $5000
Coverage for loss of Inventory $20,000 limit
Loss of money or securities (on or off premises)($250 Deductible) $25,000

This is NOT a disability policy...I'd love to hear from others about what
info they have on this type of policy.

Hope this helps!
Richard Aerni
Rochester, NY