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fast, effective online copyright enforcement

updated tue 19 dec 06


iglasgo on tue 19 dec 06

If it happens that the nice guy approach does not work, here is a link
explaining the formal procedure to follow for contacting their ISP,
under the new DMCA takedown law:

This should work very quickly, because if the ISP immediately removes
infringing material, they earn themselves immunity from the liability
for hosting infringing material.

Good luck,
Ivy G.

[Like most laws, this one came with a lot of unintended consequences.
This law has made it too easy for people to get controversial material
taken down by simply accusing that it has infringed on a copyright.
The ISP usually goes running scared, and immediately takes down the
material whether or not the complaint is justified.]

--- In, Marek & Pauline Drzazga-Donaldson
> Dear Jennifer,
> this has happened to me several times. All you need to do is send a
polite email asking the person to please take off your picture off
their website, give them ten days to remove it or to credit you with
the photo and item made by yourself.
> If they do not, then you can ask their ISP to remind their client
that they are illegally using something that is not theirs. I doubt if
you will have to go through that channel, as the ten day rule has
worked every time for me. Ten days is a working week, and it shows you
have some working knowledge of the legals, but do give them the option
to credit you if they leave it on their site - that also shows the legals.
> Happy potting Marek