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soda kilns again

updated sun 17 dec 06


shane mickey on thu 14 dec 06

hey all,
first off ivor, sorry if i miss qouted you. and i was refering to the lack of visiable effects on the high alumina bricks not the pots. i do not know much about the higher in Cao bricks and their manufacture, just that is what people are reccomending. as i stated before, i do not reccomend building with IFBs in salt/soda kilns.Donovan you brought up alot of great points, the one i want to reiterate is about maintanence! if you build an ifb soda kiln you better coat it with itc or zircon or something and then be prepared to recoat/sand etc every firing. one interesting side is the difference between soda and salt and their effects on the hotface of kilns, anyone care to comment? and mel, yesiree! why throw together a kiln by the seat of your pants? i get this all the time, many folks email me or call wanting to look into a kiln being built by me and when they see all the materials listed with their costs, plus the shippin and labor they turn around and say we can do it
ourselves cheaper! i say go ahead, you get what you pay for. I did not choose to be a kiln builder, i just had great teachers and lots of experience. in undergrad my teacher jackie brown use to buy pallets and pallets of brick each fall semester and she wouldlet us at it! we would come up with a design for her to look at then if she approved up to the kiln site we could go. great learning experience.hence i build kilns, there is a void and i can fill it. i was recently up in lansign building and got to see some of donovans pots in person at the clay guild there, and he is one of those overlooked potters! great work. in the end as far as soda kilns go, worry less about the quality of brick and more about the design and function of the kiln. that is all
shane mickey
shane mickey pottery and kiln design services

By the way, do you know the production temperature at which those High =
Calcium Oxide Bricks are manufactured.

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Ivor and Olive Lewis on sat 16 dec 06

Dear Shane ,

No sweat friend. I think we are like minded in our approach to this =

What amazes me is that we seem to be able to accept that, in a stoneware =
glaze Calcium Oxide is regards as a flux, something that assists in the =
promotion of glaze melting or that in a clay body it will cause "Lime =
Pops" but if we are told it is a component in a refractory composition =
it will not exhibit those qualities. Which is why I asked about its =
purpose in the manufacture of refractory products.

Best regards and thanks for your comments. Sounds as though you had a =
great time in College.

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.