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updated fri 15 dec 06


Kathy Forer on thu 14 dec 06


What do you get when you cross a clayart t-shirt with a webcam? !

So This Manatee Walks Into the Internet
Published: December 12, 2006

The skit, as scripted for the Dec. 4 installment of =93Late Night With =20=

Conan O=92Brien,=94 was about absurdist college sports mascots that the =20=

host and his writers would like to see someday.

Among them were =93the Boise State Conjoined Vikings,=94 who had been =20=

born locked at the horns, as well as something Mr. O=92Brien called =20
=93the Webcam manatee=94 =97 said to be the mascot of =93F.S.U.=94 =97 =
which was =20
basically someone in a manatee costume rubbing himself or herself =20
provocatively in front of a camera (to the tune of the 1991 hit =93I =20
Touch Myself=94). Meanwhile a voyeur with a lascivious expression =20
watched via computer.

Who knew that life would soon imitate art.

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Disclaimer: This implies no response or critique of recent particular =20=

learning demonstrations but is a comment on phenomenon of how =20
Internet can interact with daily life.