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updated wed 13 dec 06


Megan Mason on tue 12 dec 06

I appreciate all the feedback, however this is one of the few possibilities,
but is it here?

I was asking about participating in a one time, maybe once a year if it
works out, event to a working at home only studio situation. I felt the
organizers should have at least explored an umbrella insurance coverage.

I do have home owners but it would not cover this sort of situation and I
cannot afford normally to have the public come here. I had a scary situation
,one time, when I attempted selling from the home with a person who had no
interest in pottery that an observant neighbor saved my bacon on that occasion.

I have no desire to be open to the public, on a regular basis, nor sell from
the home and dropped home classes long ago. I was just considering
participating in this one event to support the effort and gain some more name
recognition thru the publicity.

Is North Carolina the only state that has this program? It sounds great
but is there a regional or national version? I am not in NC.A program such as
this could change my views on such events.


In a message dated 12/12/2006 10:32:37 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
magzz@JUNO.COM writes:

Agritourism does cover rural "craftspersons".
If you have trouble navigating the site to find the info you want contact
Martha Glass at her contact is on the site.She is
very willing and helpful.

To read the law in its entirety, go to and
click on "Want to Be an Agritourism Farmer?" and you will find the law
under "Limit Liability for Agritourism Farmers" in the side column.The
application for ANA membership is just above that, and the mission
statement is above the membership application.