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updated wed 13 dec 06


Maggie Jones on tue 12 dec 06

I had just been in contact with the Agritourism network Associaton about
getting the signs.
They will also help with marketingist is an odd duck but the businesses
merge by way of attracting...the tourist.

Agritourism does cover rural "craftspersons".
If you have trouble navigating the site to find the info you want contact
Martha Glass at her contact is on the site.She is
very willing and helpful.

To read the law in its entirety, go to and
click on "Want to Be an Agritourism Farmer?" and you will find the law
under "Limit Liability for Agritourism Farmers" in the side column.The
application for ANA membership is just above that, and the mission
statement is above the membership application.


On Mon, 11 Dec 2006 21:43:11 -0600 Vince Pitelka
> Mel wrote:
> > INSURANCE IS REGIONAL it all depends, liability issues are
> > regional, it all depends.
> Mel -
> I looked into professional liability insurance with my regular
> insurance
> carrier, and they would not insure me while I am out teaching
> workshops away
> from the university. But I am a member of AAUP, and was able to
> purchase
> professional liability insurance through them that covers me
> wherever I
> teach.
> - Vince
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