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nudity;yet another plea for glaze calculation

updated tue 12 dec 06


Earl Brunner on mon 11 dec 06

Now Lili, I ALWAYS enjoy reading what you write. And this was no exception, however what was written just didn't seem to live up to the expectations of the subject line...........

Lili Krakowski wrote: 1. The customer who wanted Donna to lower the price was trying for
extortion. The idea is that the Poor Unfortunate Gallery Owner, who
represents the Poor Unfortunate Potter will be so hard pressed that s/he
will lower the price. There are several things wrong with this. IF the
gallery owner falls for it once, the customer not only will do it again, but
will suggest that all her friends do it. The owner will be facing
bankruptcy before the year is out. If the POTTER does it, same thing,
except backward and in heels!

Some years ago a woman bought one of my pots at the Museum Art Shop where I
sell. She dropped it on the Museum stairs and smashed it. Ran right back
in and asked for a free replacement! The shop director called me, and I
said no, I would consider a small discount....The woman was angry....But
just remember. Once the genie is out of the till...

And a caveat. Those of us who do not live off our sales have a moral
obligation NOT to undersell other potters--who may live off sales. It is
easy for us to not make that $5. It is however taking bread out of others'

2. A hundred years ago when I was in art school, we were casting some
sculptures in plaster on a fine Spring day. There was a young man among us,
very very good-looking, who could not resist showing off his beautiful and
hairy chest, any time the weather was clement. No one would have paid
attention, except that he made such a muscle rippling to-do about it. That
day the teacher who was showing us how to cast, took one look at M, smiled,
and said nothing. An hour or so later, there was poor M, ripping out his
chest hair in attempts to get dried plaster out.....The teacher's smile had
grown into a major grin....

3. Once more with feeling. Just now we again went through the business of
how we left Colemanite and wandered to Gerstley Borate, and from Gerstley
Borate we wandered to C (or was it G?)15, and to Frit 3191, and thence we
sojourned to Frit 3134...It all sounds like Chapter 33 of the Book of
Numbers! And then as Tom Buck pointed out many years ago, and Edouard today
both Colemanite and Nephsy are mined in different parts of the world, and
those materials ALSO vary with different mine runs. Which again brings up
the importance of glaze calculation.....One simply cannot assume that when
one gets a recipe from a book, or a magazine the results one will get will
be as described. BUT if one can calculate the glaze
one has a so much bigger better handle on how to fix what appears to be