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updated mon 11 dec 06


Marek & Pauline Drzazga-Donaldson on sun 10 dec 06

Dear Clayarters,
Sorry but I am going to blow my own trumpet here.
If anyone is interested I have branched out into Video Promotions, =
having cut my teeth on the DVD for Tips and Time Travel from a =
Vernacular Potter, video footage for my web sites and several local =
businesses's promotional videos, I am now offering my services for web =
videos or promo DVD's etc. I can work from your own video footage and =
stills and I will phone to talk with you to get the gist of what you =
really want. Prices are very realistic, have a look at =
- but be warned it is just a temporary web site and will be redesigned =
in the very near future, the video is also high resolution so will take =
a bit of time to buffer. Have fun and contact me from the drzazga site.

Happy potting Marek

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