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clayart room show at galt house louisville

updated mon 11 dec 06


Veena Raghavan on sun 10 dec 06

Hi Mel,

You had written about this sometime ago. Quote below. Just wanted to know if
it is on and what are the basic rules. Thanks for letting us know, so we can
be prepared!

"there is a very good possibility that the Galt house` hotel
will give us a room to have a very serious `clayart show`.

it will not be judged. it will be `set it up` when you get to louisville.
my thought is:
bring a pot, in a box that can be used as a display stand, and
fabric to make your baby, solo show look wonderful. we will all
get equal billing, no bully stuff. just show your piece, and we show a group, in our hotel, as part of the clayart room
experience. you make your own signs, name cards...and we will
have a sorta basic set of rules for size and color.."

Thanks and Happy Holidays.