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saggars, electcric kilns

updated fri 8 dec 06


mel jacobson on thu 7 dec 06

my experience has always been:

the hotter you fire an electric kiln, the more
the damage.

if you fire sagger pots in the low 010 does
not do much damage to your kiln.
fire to cone 11 and you kick the hell out of your kiln.

open the peeps, crack the lid a bit, and fire
your sagger. most of the crap/smoke will just
exit the little damage.

i have seen folks wrap the pots and burnable in
aluminum foil. keeps the smoke next to the pot.

and there is the great dannon system of soaking newsprint
in slip and covering the entire pot with that material.
man, she has done some great pots with that technique.

i have seen her load the entire mess in a gas kiln and fire
it up. cone 012 or something like that.
she just goes slow.

so many people think that to burn out some
coils is the end of the world.
think of them as light bulbs.
just replace them.
the work is what counts.
of course our gas/electric kilns/coated with itc
i am sure. could fire three hundred sagger loads without
any damage.

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