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resale therapy

updated wed 6 dec 06


Elizabeth Priddy on tue 5 dec 06

I shop second hand first. The reason is that I very
frequently am not using the thing for its intended
purpose, like a bowl for a slump mold or a kitchen
gidget for a clay slicer or something like that.

The other reason is the enormous landfill that ruined
my family's homeplace. Next door and surrounded by
amountain of garbage at every holiday and the buzzards
and the stench will get you thinking about what you
are doing.

I turned into a "Reduce, reuse, recycle" person using
the Freecycle network and making sure to see if a
servicable one of whatever I need is available used or
free before I pour more resources into the commercial
retail machine.

I dress better than most, because I am a very average
size and I know where the Junior League thrift stores
are in my surrounding towns.

I have a full complement of all the little Tykes bits
and pieces Logan needs for his toddler business.

I will buy new instruments, art supplies and food.
Other than that, there really isn't a need. I even
buy my cars used, as that new car smell wears off
quick with about %15-20 of the initial value of the
car. I let somebody else work the new car kinks out.

It is not an issue of pride or making an appearance of
concern. It is a lifestyle decision to not be a part
of any more landfills than I can help.

I am not fanatical about it, as I will certainly shop
and buy it retail if I can't find it used, but I like
to shop as it is an adventure when you don't already
know what they will have because you saw it in a flyer
or on the back of your neighbor, Mr Jones.

Incredible thrift store finds over the years:

upright piano with bench, oak, in tune $300
banana hammock $5
new washburn guitar in case $50
four ladder back cane seat chairs, antique $10
great camera with telephoto and macro lenses $25
Complete VHS rig for recording with lavelier mike $25
2 complete wardrobes of designer label clothes ~$150
{had to buy something after major weight change and
then giant size maternity and then back to normal
size-this would have cost a small fortune regular
Viola, incredible instument $15

Saturday mornings on my own, no baby, no man...
the joy of the estrogen-rich hunt...


Now until the end of January is a good time to shop
thrift stores; people are giving away things they are
replacing at Christmas and also things they want a
good tax credit for. Don't bother with the tables of
whatever fabrics unless you really need a sheet, the
good stuff is out on the floor!

Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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