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books: ot: the fate of the human spirit in the age of disbelief.

updated wed 6 dec 06


Lee Love on tue 5 dec 06

On 12/5/06, wrote:

> > Sometimes they
> > cost more because they are not designated by the
> federal government.
> This is not how it works at all...

$B!!!!!! (BYes it is. I know we all have high regards for the
pharmaceutical industry, but the fact is, they are big contributors to
folks in D.C.

> ...which is to say, talk with your nearest (
> $300.00 bucks for four low quality minutes of his
> condesending time

My last visit to Dr. Suzuki (perfect english, studied at Cornell
several years), I showed him photos of my new dog Kintaro. He
recognized that Kintaro looks a lot different, compared to my late
Taiko. So we had a chat about how the two types diverged in Japan
and America. I told him Kintaro's walks are a much better aerobic
workout that Taiko's walks have been the last couple years. Last
time, we talked about Taiko dying. A couple visits ago, I shared
photos of my trip to Cornwall.

We need national health care in the USA, like the rest of the
1st world. No need to make the middleman filthy rich.

New book arrived today via By Huston Smith, Why
Religion Matters: The Fate Of the Human Spirit in The Age Of
Disbelief. It relates to the writing I am currently doing. One
chapter addresses the fallacy of scientisim.

I heard Dr. Smith speak at MZMC (zen center) about 22 years ago.
His topic was: The hierarchy of religious experience. Was a book in
progress, but I don't know if it was ever published.

Lee in Mashiko, Japan
"Let the beauty we love be what we do." - Rumi
"When we all do better. We ALL do better." -Paul Wellstone