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survival as taught by colleges

updated sat 2 dec 06


Megan Mason on fri 1 dec 06

You are so correct that it should be taught in a more realisitc manner.My
college Chouinard of Cal Arts in Los Angeles had a course taught by Calvin
Goodwin,who later published a book on the subject, that had a lot of helpful
information on setting up and building a studio and several of our instructors
Herbert Jepson, Ed Reep and Matsmi Kanemitsu et al started a student gallery
for graduating seniors and the newly graduated.

That all helped but things like business liscences, taxes, employees,
insurance of all sorts, shipping, entering various show venues, hazards of all
sorts,medicalcoverage,leases and buying,ordering supplies, networking and
cultivation and tracking of a customer base and tracking our own sold works for
future needs are just a few areas that needed addressing and many of you can
think of more. I applaud any instructors who introduce such subjects and feel
schools and colleges need to address these more.