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my impatience with kiln cooling...can i refire?

updated fri 24 nov 06


Nancy on tue 21 nov 06

Well today my impatience got the best of me and I had to peak into the
kiln before I should have....then it got worse...I had to peak even
further....still knowing better....until the whole kiln was empty.....

ping ping pang puup poop pang

damn! now what do I do with all these cracked glazes? I have a show in
less than 2 weeks and I lost 20 mugs unless I can refire them. I don't
want to reglaze them but am thinking I can just refire and then follow
what I know is right and let it cool properly. This was my first kiln
fire completely free of pinholes from FB ...well I didn't use I
guess that is why.

Here's my question.....can I refire without reglazing?


Gary Navarre on thu 23 nov 06

Well Nancy,

It probably depends on how deep into the body the pinging went. I think at
about 270 F there in a sudden dimentional shift pecular to the cooling cycle
and the pot can crack too. Ding for ring and if they are not cracked and the
crackle pattern is not ugly they just might sell as is. If they don't ring
do something else with them. I don't think the crack would fuse.

I have reglazed a fired piece by getting it real warm on the space heater
and brushing on a couple layers of glaze as the water evaporates. I don't
add Karo, just make the slurry thicker. However on the refire I belive you
would also have to go slowly back on the way up through the 270 again. If
that is true replace the waisters with new and treat it as a single fire
cycle. Good luck and stay in there!

"If it is too hot to touch it is too hot!"

G in da U.P.

Curtis M. Kularski on thu 23 nov 06

That usually depends on the glaze, I seem to remember reading somewhere that you could refire, but you had to go a cone or two hotter for it to be effective. When I find the information again (I think its in my Olympic kiln manual) I will post with the paragraph that mentions it.