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hard to find books up for auction

updated thu 23 nov 06


Mike on wed 22 nov 06

Hello Everyone,
I recently had the opportunity to buy some hard to find/rare Japanese
pottery related books:
- Arakawa Toyozo and Shino/Setoguro, the first in the Kodansha National
Treasure series.
Item number: 110059099747

- Chawan: Ocha no kokoro, a large, very comprehensive photo
encyclopedia of teabowls. A very cool present for a teabowl maniac.
Item number: 110059094381

- Rakuyaki Kotei, by Tomimoto Kenkichi (sorry, this one sold already,
but if anyone indicates interest, I can keep my eyes peeled for another,
they pop up now and then and start at around $75)

I've posted them to Ebay, so please give them a gander if you're
interested in this sort of thing.

Also, I've finally gotten around to updating the blog, address is
below. (no sales pitches there, you're safe ; ) )

Happy Thanksgiving,


in Taku, Japan