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texans, insurance question, recs please

updated fri 17 nov 06


Marcia Selsor on thu 16 nov 06

We currently have USAA. Does anyone have a name of an insurance
company that tolerates kilns?

Marcia Selsor

On Nov 16, 2006, at 7:30 AM,M Arnold Howard wrote:

> From: "Marcia Selsor"
>> If I put my electric kiln in an attached carport, is there
>> a
>> homeowners insurance problem?
> Some insurance companies don't understand kilns and don't
> insure them under any condition. Others have no problem with
> kilns and don't even care if you have them in your garage.
> So it all depends on the company.
> Some insurers will ask for safety information such as UL
> listing, installation guidelines, etc.
> Sincerely,
> Arnold Howard
> Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA
> /

Marcia Selsor

Elizabeth Priddy on thu 16 nov 06

State Farm in North Carolina.

My kiln is on concrete floor with a firewal and steel
fire"proof" door between the kilns and the living

Also, they wrote a policy for my business to cover my
studio, the contents and liability, assuming students
do not fire the kilns.

Reasonable rates too, about $25 a month. I recommend
insurance for anyone who teaches.


Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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