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updated tue 14 nov 06


Cindy Buehler on mon 13 nov 06

I have been a lurker on the list for a while now and
appreciate all the great info I get. I feel like I
know many of you personally. I guess now it is time
for you to get to know me a little. I am a lifelong
resident of the Kansas City area and have lived in
Liberty, MO for about 10 years. I am married and have
a 12 yo dd. I have been working with clay off and on
for for 6 or 8 years now. I started by taking classes
at the Clay Guild. I bought a kiln about 3 years ago
and started using ready-made earthenware bisque. I
worked with groups of homeschooling kids in my
basement. Then, about a year ago I switched over to
cone 5/6 and bought myself a wheel for Christmas. I am
still working out my glaze combinations and trying to
improve my throwing techniques. I use mostly Laguna
and Spectrum glazes. I am using Laguna Cone 5 B-mix
clay and would appreciate any commercial glaze

I haven't previously posted because I have just been a
hobby pottery and "I am not worthy". Now I am finally
working on my first official show, the KC Clay Guild
Holiday Tour. I have some of my stuff already set up
in a little gallery in on the square. I started a blog so that I can share
pictures, get feedback and hopefully improve my
writing, photography and pottery along the way. I plan
to contribute more to the group in the future. Thanks
for the great forum.

Cindy Buehler