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workshops list for 2007

updated mon 13 nov 06


MudFire - Luba & Erik on sun 12 nov 06

Hello ClayArters,

MudFire Clayworks in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is excited to share with you our
2007 workshop schedule. Registration is now open for the following
workshops. Please see the website for complete course descriptions, artist
information, and images of artists work. You can browse the text list
below, or follow this link to view the list with images:

If you would like to be on MudFire's direct email announcement list for
future updates, please visit our website and click "Get Info & Invites"
button in the top right corner.

We can be reached with questions off-list at or (1)

Have a great day in clay!
Erik Haagensen
MudFire Clayworks, 175 Laredo Dr., Decatur, GA 30030, USA

2007 MudFire Clayworks Workshop Schedule
Lisa Orr
"Molding A Playful Depth"
Lisa leads a two-day demonstration of handbuilt pottery forming with molds,
sprigs, slip trailing, and using a variety of finishing techniques to
achieve incredible surface depth and complexity.
March 24-25, 2007. $125 fee. Class size 35.

Wally Asselberghs
"Exploring Naked Raku"
Wally journeys from Belgium for a two-day hands-on decorating and raku
firing workshop using slip-and-glaze resist to create effects ranging from
bold lightning patterns to subtle speckling.
April 28-29, 2007. $245 fee. Class size 15.

Rick Berman + Ron Meyers
"Friends Reflecting on 35 Years"
Two amazing potters sit down at the wheel together for two days of making
pottery. Participants will enjoy an extremely rare public dialogue...with
Rick and Ron reflecting on a multi-faceted relationship that spans 35 years,
and TONS of clay.
May 5-6, 2007. $165 fee. Class size 35.

Cristina Cordova
"Figurative Intuition"
A three-day, hands-on sculpture workshop focusing on the technical skills
required for creating sculpture with intuitive depth within the figure
June 8-9-10, 2007. $295 fee. Class size 16.

Judith Duff
"Functional Compositions"
Judith's two-day demonstration of thrown and altered forms will address
considerations such as line quality, imagery, texture, and composition.
June 23-24, 2007. $125 fee. Class size 35.

Louise Radochonski
"Expressing Your Figure"
This three-day, hands-on sculpture workshop will cover a broad range of
techniques for expressing personal vision, with particular attention to
"sketches" and difficult subjects such as hands and feet.
July 6-7-8, 2007. $295 fee. Class size 16.

Mark Burleson
"Photo/Graphic Imaging In Clay"
Mark's two-day demonstration will survey different materials and
technologies for transferring images to clay to enhance well-crafted objects
with imagery and narrative.
August 4-5, 2007. $125 fee. Class size 35.

Annette Gates
"Functional Delicacies: Handbuilding in Porcelain"
Participants will work with porcelain slabs to create visually-ntegrated
handbuilt tableware in this two-day hands-on workshop. Annette will also
demonstrate her surface/finishing techniques including methods for
activating surface and embedding gemstones.
August 25-26, 2007. $195 fee. Class size 18.

John Britt
"Reduction Firing and Ceramic Glazes"
In this three-day, hands-on workshop, participants will glaze and fire their
bisque with many glazes available including shino, tenmoku, celadon, and
copper reds. John will lead a discussion of ceramic materials and firing
practices with a focus on reduction kilns.
October 6-7-8, 2007. $295 fee. Class size 20.

Lisa Clague
"Dreaming in Clay With Metal"
In this three-day hands-on workshop, Lisa Clague will teach participants to
incorporate metal elements into figurative sculpture in order to overcome
structural challenges and achieve greater creative freedom realizing their
dreams in clay.
November 9-10-11, 2007. $295 fee. Class size 16.