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tony c's workshop at hood college

updated sat 11 nov 06


Rachel Campbell on thu 9 nov 06

Hi all,
I'm finally catching up with life after escaping for the weekend to attend Tony's workshop at Hood
College. It really was an awesome weekend, and Tony's an amazing potter and a great "rock star"
workshop presenter, as well as a lot of fun. He was incredibly generous with his time and wisdom
and experience.

For those of you that want a peek, I put a bunch of the pictures I took up on my website. (Tony
threw all morning long and then put us to work about 2 in the afternoon... you get to see Tony's part,
not ours. Once I started throwing I forgot about the camera. But Tony's stuff is more interesting
anyway, obviously.) Anyway, the pictures are at
TonyClennell.html . Oh, and there are 2 pages of shots, so be sure to scroll to the bottom of page 1
for the link to the second.

:-) Rachel in Odenton, MD