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updated fri 10 nov 06


PaulMatthew on thu 9 nov 06

I've had a lot of trouble posting; apologies if this posts more than =

I've been lurking here for a long time. I don't have a high degree of =
expertise so I read the posts and absorb what I can from the very =
potters who contribute here. On the topic of books I feel that I can =
competently, and my recommendation is Pilgrim At Tinker Creek by Annie =
Dillard. =20
Dillard won the pulitzer prize for the book in the (I think) late '80's. =
It is a book
for "hands-on" people. The author writes about her adventures in the =
woods and =20
creek near her home. She unselfconciously observes, lying on the ground
to closely view an insect, standing stock still to avoid the notice of =
the forest
denizen she is studying, noticing things that you have to be fully aware =
to notice.
One minute she's talking about the fascinating life cycle of a =
polyphemus moth,=20
the next you realize she's speaking wisely and philosophically about =
your life=20
and your own being. It is loaded with profound irony and a teaching kind =
of humor.

It's available on audio at Books there are a lot less =
expensive if you
buy a membership. I get two books a month for something like $22. =
in format 4 is well worth the time for higher quality audio.


Lili Krakowski on thu 9 nov 06

I only once listened to books on I can only refer to actual

I expect children's books would work well. Maurice Sendak for instance,
DEMANDS the visual--which he so gloriously provides in his illustrations.

A Child's Garden of Verses? Blake's Songs of Innocence and Songs of
Experience. Much of Emily Dickinson. A lot of the Bible. The Song of
Songs alone can keep'em busy....

My one experience with recorded books was trying to listen to Meryl Streep
reading The Velveteen Rabbit. It got so bad the librarian rushed to my side
with a box of tissues, shut the player off, put her arm around me and
ushered me into her office. A bunch of rock hearted children were listening
and did not give a hoot.........So much for the young and sensitive.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage