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mastering cone 6 glazes :newbie

updated wed 1 nov 06


Laura Macgregor on tue 31 oct 06

Hi all. I have been doing pottery for 2 years now. We built a small studio
in our back yard and I picked up a used wheel and electric (olympic)
kiln.So I have just recently started mixing and glazing my pots at home.
I've made the licorice (which is wonderful).Waterfall brown which is more
of a black/green for me. Is lovely but not like in the book. I have
noticed with the waterfall brown the edges of my bowls are rough. The
glaze seems to break over the rims. Is this because my glaze is too thin?
Plus the raspberry glaze has been more mat than glossy. The last firing I
did I cooled the kiln slowly and it was a bit more glossy. Does this glaze
need to be a little on the thick side? It is so exciting to open up the
kiln and see what treasures await me.
Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.