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steve branfman's catalog is available online!

updated wed 1 nov 06


Lisa Skeen on mon 30 oct 06

At last! :)

L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Pottery
Summerfield, NC

Susan Cline on tue 31 oct 06

Thanks for bringing that to the list's attention, Lisa.

In a recent email exchange with Steve Branfman I asked if I could share =20=

with the list some of his shop update information:

Among other things, Steve said, "We are small and special and in order =20=

to survive as businesses we need each others support....In fact, it =20
doesn't have to be me. There are others on the list who are=A0 suppliers =
who should be supported: Brackers, Axner, and others....You can add =20
that we are doing a pretty good job of keeping the web site up to date =20=

with new books, price corrections, removing out of print titles, etc. =20=

We also have a huge list of specials and more being added. I'll tell =20
you too that we have quite a number of books that I seek out or hear =20
about that are not available anywhere else; books that are done=A0 in =20=

small print runs, independent publishers, titles from overseas, etc... =20=

I love books and this is what I do."

There is no shopping cart feature on the site, but there are excellent =20=

directions on placing an order via phone or email. There is an amazing =20=

selection of books and videos and I can only imagine that having a real =20=

conversation with someone like Steve in the course of placing an order =20=

would be "value added" as opposed to nameless customer (dis)service.

Just a plug for a tremendous resource.
(Usual disclaimers apply - I have no financial interest in The Potters' =20=

Shop; just interest in seeing this resource continue and grow.)

Sue Cline
Cincinnati, OH

On Oct 30, 2006, at 3:01 PM, Lisa Skeen wrote:

> At last! :)
> L. P. Skeen
> Living Tree Pottery
> Summerfield, NC
> =

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