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kiln shelves from china

updated tue 31 oct 06


mark on mon 30 oct 06

Paul, I have some 14x28 silicon carbide shelves from Larkin. I got them =
about 2 years ago. They have held up well. I have not had any crack. I =
also bought some nitrate bonded shelves from alpha ceramics. These are =
supposed to be comparable to the advancer shelves. They are aprox. 1/2 =
the price and in my opinion you get what you pay for. I fire to c/6 in a =
cross draft soda kiln and have experienced warping. These shelves are =
advertised to hold heavy loads with out warping. If I were to get new =
shelves I would pony up for the real advancers and steer clear of the =
Chinese ones. The regular silicon carbide shelves from Larkin are a =
great deal and I do plan to get some more. Hope this helps. Mark Knott