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ceramic decal firing

updated wed 1 nov 06


TLC on mon 30 oct 06

Mayco has just come out with two different transfer products that might fit
the bill for you. Line Art Designs and Line Art Creative Images

Line Art Designs are preprinted graphics, words and phrases that can
enhance and embellish any ceramic project. The artwork is applied to bisque
and then fired to cone 06. Or they may be placed onto already glazed ware
and refired.

Line Art Creative Images is a Laser Printer/Copier Transfer Kit that allows
you to use your own drawings, photographs, or word documents ...any image
that can be copied can be used.
The breakthrough here is that this is totally foolproof!! transfer
gymnastics required.. right side up application and no guesswork on firing
temperature... And it can be fired all the way up to cone 06 when used with
Mayco's cone 06 glazes.
Check Mayco's website to find a distributor.

Bill Jones on tue 31 oct 06

We included 3 articles on decals in the Sept/Oct 2006 issue of Pottery
Making Illustrated: An article by Brendan Tang on using no-fire decals
on sculptural work, an article by Frank Gaydos on using a laser printer
to create decals, and an article by Paul Wandless on different types of
decal papers and sources. We are getting ready to post the
November/December issue on the website but we'll create a link to these
techniques and keep them available since there seems to be continuing
interest on the topic.


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