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mastering cone 6 glazes-john britt/ incoming mails organizing

updated mon 30 oct 06


Catherine on sun 29 oct 06

I don't know if this is will help you. My mail program has the "inbox"
where everything went. Too congested, so I set up another folder labeled=
ClayArt". Using the "tools/message rules" I created a rule that says, "I=
the from line contains CLAYART@LSV.CERAMICS.ORG, move to "ClayArt" folder=
=2E =0D
Then all incoming email from ClayArt goes to that folder and it displays
only the "From and Subject and Rec'd". It's so easy to browse down throu=
the subjects and keep or delete whatever you choose.=0D
Catherine in Yuma, AZ=0D
-------Original Message-------=0D
From: Tae Kim=0D
Date: 10/24/06 02:18:23 =0D
Is there any way to set up incoming emails differently? I want to get the=
in digested format so that i don't have to see every email i get from thi=