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updated thu 26 oct 06


Mark Issenberg on wed 25 oct 06

I met CC in Miami when he was doing a workshop for the CLM . He also Judged
their show that year. I thing it was 1965 . He told me that I should take his
when I graduated from High School. The CC workshop was for 2 months. He had
his method of learning to throw. You had to work your way through them
starting with number one. I think a number 15 was a teapot.
The steps were about learning to use tools. The tools are a inside rib a
outside rib a trimming tool ,I think the trimming tool was a pairing knife, I
use Bison trimming tools.
It was a wonderful summer. I made a trail to Haileys waterfall using a
mechete.Lived in a log cabin with no running water and I learned some great
pottery habits.
If you learn to throw on a kick wheel with NO splash pan you learn to use
less water. We all used kick wheels, I think there were 10 to 14 of us in the
summer workshop in 1968.
CC had a outhouse for the pottery and I remember he asked Doyle Wolf ,
Sherry and me to paint it. We painted it all right, we wrote on it "Fat Charlies
Out House".. He did not like that.

The book that CC wrote about the Pottery Workshop is a great book to learn
to throw. Howard Axner has republished it. Its funny to see the photos of the
people that I new then. When I moved back up here I was really hoping to see
Jim Steeves from Birmingham Ala . He sat on the porch where I was that
summer. His photo is in the book. He had died before I got here.

Making pots is about steps and CC was a great teacher. His workshop was so
much different that college. Working and learning with a potter is a great

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