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mastering cone 6 glazes-john britt

updated wed 25 oct 06


Tae Kim on mon 23 oct 06


Is there any way to set up incoming emails differently? I want to get them
in digested format so that i don't have to see every email i get from this

Thank you very much.

Dolita Dohrman on mon 23 oct 06

Attention John Britt:
While I do appreciate your willingness to share glazes with the group, I
take offense at your snide comments about Ron and John. I think it was
established awhile ago that they no longer mind if their glazes are posted,
most of them are out there anyway, however there is so much more to the book
than the recipes. Regardless, you need to back off. Those two gentlemen
are some of the most helpful individuals on this list. Many of us have had
occasion to write to them off list and they always, and I mean always,
respond. They will test, they will adjust, they will advise on any glaze
with which you are having trouble. Please stop being so sarcastic, it is no
longer clever or funny. If someone wants most of the recipes listed so that
she can copy them, she should just buy the book, period.

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