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vince pitelka's houston workshop

updated sat 21 oct 06


Kim Overall on fri 20 oct 06

Howdy All:

Vince Pitelka has been educating us here South of I-10
in Houston on handbuilding these past three days.

I now know I knew squat about handbuilding...
that is until his teachings!

ATTENTION ALL NEWBIES: If you're determined to get to
that wheel and throw pots like I did starting out
years ago, back up and head to where you need to truly
begin...handbuilding basics. Your entire body will
become in tune with the clay making as you slow down to
it's speed and not yours. I feel like I'm in Ceramics
101 and I could not have been luckier to have Vince as
my teacher, the King of Handbuilding.

If he's in your town, consider yourself lucky and sign
up if you can.

Thanks again Vince!
I'm so please on what I accomplished in your workshop.
Your students are so lucky.

Kim Overall