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shakerag workshops, june 2007, sewanee tn

updated fri 9 mar 07


Claire Reishman on fri 20 oct 06

Hello fellow ClayArt folks. We are now accepting applications fo=
r June 2008 at Shakerag Workshops in Sewanee TN. We run a two we=
ek workshop program June 10-16 and June 17-23 (consecutive one-we=
ek classes) on a mountaintop in rural Tennessee, specializing in=20=
superb teachers, small classes (limit of 16), excellent food, and=
camaraderie among participants. Our clay faculty members for Ju=
ne 2007 are Eva Kwong, Pete Pinnell, Mary Kay Botkins, and Silvie=
Granatelli. For more information, go to our website (www.shaker= which also has on-line application forms, or feel free to=
call me at 931-968-0210, ext 3165.

Claire Reishman
Director, Shakerag Workshops

Claire Reishman on wed 7 mar 07

There are still places available in our clay offerings at Shakera=
g Workshops for June 10-16 and June 17-23. In our first session=
(June 10-16), Eva Kwong will teach a hand-building class called=20=
"The Natural Object," examining natural forms as an inspiration f=
or clay work, and Pete Pinnell will teach a wheel-throwing class=20=
called "The Pouring Vessel as Personal Expression," exploring dif=
ferent pouring forms as a basis for development of a personal sty=
le in clay. In our second session (June 17-23), Mary Kay Botkins=
will teach a hand-building class entitled "Folded Forms with Lid=
s," working with soft slabs to create fluid and organic forms, an=
d Silvie Granatelli will teach "Pottery Through the Culture of Fo=
od," a course which focuses on tableware. Paulus Berensohn will=20=
be the Artist's Life Speaker on June 20, and a gallery exhibition=
of faculty work will be on display throughout the month of June.=
Shakerag Workshops emphasizes excellent meals and offers small=20=
classes in a beautiful rural setting. For more information, cont=
act director Claire Reishman (931-968-0210 x 3165 or info@shakera=, or consult the Shakerag website -