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mastering ^6glazes

updated sun 22 oct 06


sacredclay on sat 21 oct 06

At a local community center, I've until recently kept all of my clay-
related books there. Unfortunately, they have been sprouting legs and
disapearing,among them my favorite, "Mastering ^6 Glazes". At the
present, I can't afford to buy the book. does anyone have a link or
most of the recipes listed so that I can compy them? I'd be most
tearfully grateful. With warm regards, Kathryn in NC where it's
finally breezy and feeling like fall!

--- In, Heloisa Nunes wrote:
> Just for those wondering about the recipes, it is in the archives.
> I was doing more searches on the subject and found a summary in the
> following link:
> All the best for us trying to fix cracks...
> I just mixed the last recipe in the list : paper, magic, spooze (
and just
> added some prayer or anything else for the mud gods ;)
> Cheers,
> Heloisa Nunes,
> S=E3o Paulo , Brazil
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> You may look at the archives for the list or change your
> settings from
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John Britt on sat 21 oct 06


Just in case you haven't heard, we (the clayart community) have been
specifically forbidden, by the great OZ, to the post 10 most wonderful
recipes of which you speak. Dare not look behind the curtain!!

There are two specific recipes that have been published by a couple of
nitwits who did not know the rules, but who have been thoroughly
chastised. (I know that you can find them in the archives so I won't
republish them here for fear of certain death by tongue lashing.)

But, in the interest of the pottery community and the health of the entire
human race, I have taken it on myself to pass out all the recipes that are
pass-out-able. (This includes the aforementioned - Great MC6 Glazes.)

But, if I pass them on to you (in super secret encrypted Neo-Classical
15th century Russian of course) you are bound by a blood oath to be a life-
time member of the Glaze Free Trade Society. This means that you must pass
on these recipes (and any other recipe you know) to anyone and everyone
who asks. And, at least once a month, you must just post a recipe for the
hell of it.

If you agree to these terms, I will post them to you privately but please
reply ASAP because this offer will self destruct in 30 seconds (or sooner
if I get flamed by the loyal minions of the great MC6 Society). And if I
am found dead my lawyer has been instructed to recite the recipes while
performing on my favorite show - =93Pants Off Dance Off=94.


John Britt