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fw: in praise of newspaper/retaining handle shape

updated thu 19 oct 06


Ann Brink on wed 18 oct 06

Mel- I'm resending this since you said some posts were lost...

>I may try this (below) next time I make mugs. What I've been doing up to
>now works pretty well too: If the handle is a bit soft and in danger of
>sagging, I take a small piece of clay and make sort of a pillar or column,
>and place it under the handle as a support for an hour or so.
> Ann Brink in Lompoc CA
> (mostly about pottery)
> Lili wrote:
>> Last: A Frans Wildenhain Handle Trick. If you have trouble with pulled
>> handles sagging--which can happen , tsk, tsk, tsk--
>> make a long strip of newspaper about 2" wide. Tuck one end under the
>> pot
>> right below where the handle is. Now GENTLY adjust the handle exactly as
>> it
>> should be and use the strip of newspaper as a kind of prop/sling to hold
>> it
>> in place. When you are happy with the form, attach the top end of the
>> strip
>> to the top of the pot with two tiny (kidney bean size or less) bits of
>> clay.
>> The handle holds its shape and the little bits of clay come off
>> easily--rarely does the rim need any repair....