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tip book was scoring/attachment

updated mon 16 oct 06


Marcia Selsor on sun 15 oct 06

Ceramics Monthly produced some small pocket books called Tips for
Potters, edited I think by Barbara Tipton.
A decade or so age, these are handy little books. I think there were
four in the series.

Marcia Selsor

On Oct 15, 2006, at 12:12 PM, Nancy Braches wrote:

> Beth
> I'm gonna have to try the spooze thing too. I normally just use my
> slip from throwing..I have 2 colors, brown and white. I keep them
> in seperate containers but now I think I should throw some old karo
> syrup and vinegar in each of them.
> With the books..this is just a I do this with books
> I will use a lot and don't stay open. I cut the binder and put
> each important page in a separate sheet protector in a notebook. I
> then put all the "extra" pages in the back of the notebook...get
> one with pockets. Some books I scan the page I want to keep in the
> book for students and then put it in the same sheet protector and
> put out in the student book. Of course, I keep all the books in
> the studio on the shelf, but I try to keep them in good condition.
> Students sometimes don't think about the clay all over something.
> I have all the 500 series books from Lark and the last one is
> horrible....not the pictures but I've only looked through it 3
> times and I have pages falling out, they just broke away from the
> binding. I recommend students look through these books when they
> are stumped and bored. So this last one will be one I put a little
> note on saying be careful, pages are loose...sigh....
> Hmmm a tip book....that would be great as long as it doesn't get
> too scientific. Some posts I want to read....I start to and
> go....huh???? and decide even if I finish reading it I won't get it
> so I just delete it.
> Nancy
> Beth Spindler wrote: Hi, Mel,
> The spooze you speak of ...water clay, sugar, what
> proportions????
> Also, have you or have you thought about publishing a "Mel's Quick
> Pottery Tips" book? A handy size to maybe with a binder that had
> pages that flipped or could be hung on the wall that is easily
> accessible?
> So many pottery books are coffee table size or tightly bound so
> that when you want to remain on a page, unless you weigh it down
> with something...zap it's gone.
> Just a thought.
> Thanks for all you do!
> Beth in the Blue Ridge Mtns foothills of
> season is here, apple butter festival today - yum....good
> stuff....great for toast....cold or hot!!! :)

Marcia Selsor