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nov 2-3 workshop at the university of arkansas,

updated fri 13 oct 06


Aebersold, Jane F. on thu 12 oct 06

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Subject: University of Arkansas Ceramics Symposium! PLEASE ANNOUNCE!

NOVEMBER 2nd and 3rd!! (Thursday and Friday)=20

The University of Arkansas is proud to host the first annual Ceramics
Symposium 2006 featuring nationally recognized artists Michaelene Walsh
(Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University), Sanam Emami (Visiting
Assistant Professor of Foundations Program New York State College of
Ceramics, Alfred University), and Katy Rush (Adjunct Professor at
Florida State University).=20
Each of these artists use the ceramic material differently in terms of
technique and content, however all three manipulate the medium with a
clear reference to historical precedence, while simultaneously tackling
issues of contemporary relevance. Sanam Emami explores perceptions of
Persian and Islamic visual culture in the western world through
functional pots, Katy Rush expands the narrow view of female sexuality
through slip-cast porcelain figurines, and Mikey Walsh uses hand-built
objects as visual poetry that is not written but felt and seen. During
the course of this Symposium many insightful issues pertaining to
material, technique and concept will be discussed.

The entire event is free and open to the public.


The Ceramics Symposium 2006 is sponsored by the following organizations:
The Department of Art: Ceramics Program through the Joy Pratt Markham
Funding University Programs and Anne Kittrell Gallery Associated Student
Government: Art Graduate Student Association, Art Education Club, and
Association of Ceramic Enthusiasts

Feel free to: