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the amsterlaw/bates clayart websites page (clayarters' urls)

updated fri 13 oct 06


Helen Bates on wed 11 oct 06

Hello Clayarters (posters, readers, all)

A number of you know that I keep a list of Clayarters' urls (with the
superb help of Bill Amsterlaw for the technical work.)

Although it is kept separately online in both text and javascript
versions at Bill's website:, I still like to send
the whole collection of urls to the Clayart forum about once a year.

Text version: (as of Oct 2006)
Javascript version:

Note that, to query the document for a name, type the name following a
question mark, after the url, and it
will load the file, then "jump" to the entry for that person, if we have
one (and if the spelling you and we have used matches... ) ;)

Partial names queries will work too, though they may garner some extra
results. For example, if, instead of "Amsterlaw" I type only "ams", I
get a pop-up window with his name and several others.

In that case, just click on the name: "Bill Amsterlaw" and the focus
will jump to his entry.

So here follows: Clayart Websites ............................ !

(One final comment: relatively "new" urls are marked with
immediately below the url.)

Adkins, Curtis ('Monk')

Aerni, Richard

Alander, Patricia

Allison, Andrea

Allison, Tony

Ambrose, Alan

Ami, Karen

Amsterlaw, Bill

Anderson, Debra E.

Anderson, Graeme

Anderson, Pete

Anthony, Father

Anthony, John

Arbuckle, Linda

Arguelles, Mariana

Arkowitz, Eleanor

Arnold, Gene and Latonna

Aronow, Lois Ruben

Asselberghs, Wally

Atherton, Jodie

Aubuchon, Ron

Aufrichtig, Norman and Danna

Aulis, Elaine

Averill-Savino, Kelly

Axford, JoAnn

Axner, Howard

Bachar, Morty

Badenhorst, Antoinette

Bagish, Julie Hunter

Bair, Gayle

Baird, Daryl

Baker, Ann

Baker, W. Lowell

Bakken, Reed

Balch, Inge

Ball, Ron

Ballard, Stacey

Bandurchin, Carole and John

Barbe, Marilyn

Barlow, Margaret

Barnes, Edge

Barnwell, Lynn

Barrett, Kelley

Barzegar, Shokoofeh

Bassett, Bobbi

Bastarache, Edouard

Bates, Helen

Bauer, Rose

Baum, Kris

Bayless, Hayne

Baymore, John

Bazard, Francoise

Beach, Sue,1391,1743-411-11630,00.html

Beardsley, Les

Bedford, Lee

Beeley, Brenda

Beevor, Roly

Behan, Jim

Behrends, Reg

Bellero, Lauren

Belserene, Rita

Bennett, Jerry

Bennion, Joe

Berg, David

Berkwitz, Joan

Berman, Lynne

Bernstein, Lori

Beumee, David

Beutler, Julie

Beverlin, Darlene

Binch, David

Bisceglia, Therese

Bjerkan, Peggy

Bjurlin, Marvin

Blair, Ellie

Blattenberger, Marci

Bliss, Kris

Bloomfield, Linda

Blossom, Linda

Blum, Amanda

Blume, Randy

Blumenthal, Matthew

Bodine, Patrick

Boerner, Merrie

Bonomo, Rick

Borian, Paul

Bouchette, Deborah

Bowdish, Kim

Bowen, James

Bowman, Mary Ann

Boyd, John

Boyer, Jennifer

Bozeman, Jim

Braches, Nancy

Bracker, Anne M.

Bracker, Cynthia ('Cindy')

Bracker, William and Anne W.

Bradford, Tracy

Bradley, Julie

Branfman, Steve

Branman, Elca

Brayford, Pierre

Brecha, Joe

Brehmer, Hannah

Bridle, Deborah

Briggs, Robert

Brink, Ann

Britt, Bud

Britt, John

Britt, Morgan

Broadwell, Carolyn

Broennimann, Erich A.

Brown, Barbara

Brown, Jeff

Brown, Klyf

Brunner, Earl

Bryant, Victor

Buchfinck, Donn

Buck, Tom

Buckner, Bill

Buckner, Jennifer

Buell, Cheryl

Bull, Ed

Bunnell, Richard and Wynelle

Buonaiuto, Shelley

Burke, Lynne

Burkett, Richard

Burkhart, Carolsan

Burningham, Lee

Burnworth, Dot

Burroughs, Betty M.

Burroughs, Donald

Busch, Kris

Busch, Richard

Butt, Martin

Butts, Jacqueline ('Jackie')

Campbell, Bill

Campbell, Chris

Campbell, Rachel

Cannon, Jan

Cantello, Chris

Cappadonna-Nichols, Jean

Caraty, Denis

Carlos, Gary

Carrière, Gérard

Cass, Tracy

Casto, Andrew and Heidi

Causland, Donna

Chamberlin, Kathy

Champa, Kate

Chance, Robert

Chango, Minerva

Chase-Jones, Kathy

Chatenever, Scott

Chicoyne, Lisa

Chimnok, Nikom ("Ed McGarth")

Chin-Purcell, Ken ('Kenneth')

Chleborad, Cary

Chrietzberg, Annie

Christensen, Connie

Christie, John

Cieply, Margaret

Clapp, Lisa

Clark, BJ

Clark, Craig Dunn ("Mudman")

Clarke, Alisha

Clarke, Chris

Clarke, Craig Carlyle

Clarke, Don

Clarke, Peggy

Clausen, Alisa Liskin

Cledwyn, Lloyd

Clennell, Sheila

Clennell, Tony

Clift, Andy

Cline, Susan

Clogston, Pat

Clyburn, Chris

Cochoy, Dale

Cochran, Jean Wadsworth

Cockman, Len

Coenen, James

Coffee, D. Michael

Coffin, Nancy ('Nan')

Coggins, David and Elaine

Coggins, Winnie

Cohen, Burt

Cohn, Bonita

Colson, Frank

Colyar, Pat

Compton, Robert

Coniglio, Joe

Conklin, Joan

Conley, Vicki

Cook, Fred

Cook, Lolli

Cooke, Malcolm ('Mal')

Cooper, Audrey

Cooper, Scott

Copan, Elizabeth

Cope, Mitsuru

Corbin, Katheryn

Cordrey, Katie

Cortright, Mark

Cox, Betsy

Cox, Elli

Cox, Geoff and Christine

Cravens, Carl D

Creber, Diane

Cresswell, Pam

Crimp, Les

Crocker, Brian

Crosby, McDonald and Ann

Cullen, Jim

Culling, Stephani

Cummings, Charlie

Cunicelli, Peter

Currans, Ellen

Currie, Ian

Cuttell, Sam

Cuzick, David

Dadisman, Linda

Dailey, Patricia

Dair, Glenn

Dallas, Joe

Dalton, Linda

Dalton, Steve

Daniels, Lee

Dapogny, Gail

Davidson, Larry

Davis, Bruce

Davis, Diane

Davis, Laura

Davis, Malcolm

Davy, Susan

De Maine, Johanna

De Rose, Tim

Dean, Brian

Deceuninck, Dirk

DeFoor, Emily

DeFries, Kellie

Dellow, John

DeLoach, Charles

Dermer, Dan

Deuschle, Jerry

Dewar, Gina

Dexter, Walter

Dibden, Arthur

DiPasquale, Carolyn

Dixon, Mary

Dohrman, Dolita

Doner, Kristin

Donker, Rogier

Dorese, Alyss

Dorman, Frances

Dorosh, Dale

Doty, Lori

Dow, Vikki

Downey, Autumn

Dresang, Paul

Drexel, Rob

Drzazga-Donaldson, Marek ('Mark') and Pauline

Duclos, Monique

Duncan, Dale

Dupre, Tig

DuQuella, Cyra

Eastburn, Tom

Echlin, Diane

Edelman, Bacia

Eden, Eleanora

Eden, John

Edney, Robert

Edwards, Bill

Edwards, Craig

Eitel, Dave

Elder, John

Elert, Jessi

Elfring, Gary

Elkins, Karen ("Kate Tiler")

Ellington, Kim

Elmore, Janet

Engesath, David

Engle, D. L.('Debbie')

Engley, Hollis

Enright, Judith

Erikson, Deb

Ettinger, Alyssa

Evans, Alexis

Ewing, Lawrence§ion=Ceramics

Fallon, Neil

Farley, Avril

Farra, Mayssan Shora

Farrell, Nancy

Farrero, Charley

Fasimpaur, Andi

Ferguson, Gary

Ferguson, Tony

Ferzoco, Linda

Fessenden, Dawn

Fields, Kathy

Finch, Carl

Finegan, Kevin

Finet, Lezlie

Finfrock, Gary

Finkelnburg, Dave

Firestone, Jennifer

Fishman, Robert

Fitt, Annie

Flati, Carla

Flippin, Candise

Flock, Reid

Flowerman, Marvin

Foco, Ingeborg

Fontanills, Luis

Ford, Susan K.

Forer, Kathy

Forrey, Ryan

Forsythe, Fraser

Fouts, Russel

Fox Hirschmann, Susan

Fox, Carole

Fox, Linda>

Fox, Mary

Fox, Stephen

Fraley, Toby

Francoeur, Janet and Michael

Frankenberger, Scott

Franklin, Wade

Frederich, Tim

Freeman, Leslie

Freyre, Heidy

Friedland, Helayne

Frizzell, Sandy

Fulladosa, Craig

Fuller, Joanne

Fullerton, Gail

Funderburgh, Eva

Gallagher, David

Gallagher, Michelle C.

Gandy, Dawn

Gardner, Vicki

Garic, Ana

Garrity, Wanda

Gartside, Brian

Gaskell, Geoffrey

Gatto, Cindy

Gattuso, Anne

Gault, Rosette

Gauvin, Cher

Gaydos, Frank

Geiger-Ho, Martie

Geisinger, Bill

Georger, Gary

Gibbons, Marie E.v.B.

Gibran, Carly

Gibson, Bert

Giddens, Hal

Giffin, Brian

Gill, Rikki

Gillies, Alistair

Gilmartin, Patricia ('Pat')

Gimblet, Dewitt

Ginter, Cindy

Girrell, Lynne and Bruce

Glasgow, Ivy

Glassford, Bruce

Glenn, Dave

Goddard, Jo

Goeke, Alycia,1789,HGTV_3240_4119657,00.html>

Goff, Marvin

Goldate, Steven

Goldberg, Carla

Goldstein, Susan

Goletz, DeBorah

Goodman, Lynn

Goodrich, Don

Gordon, Donna

Gordon, Kathleen

Gordon, Mike

Gradauer, Adrienne

Graff, Jennifer

Graham, Roger

Grant, Dayton

Grant, Deborah

Grant, Neil§ion=Ceramics

Gray, Doug

Gray, Ed ("Jikiwe")

Gray, Tom

Green, Patrick Andrew

Greenman, Chris

Greimann, Brandon

Grimmer, Steven

Griswold, Am

Guerin, John

Guffey, Brian

Guido, Nancy

Guin, Jeffrey R. ('Jeff')

Gulla, Irene F.

Haagensen, Erik

Hagiwara, Terry

Hall, Barry

Hall, Leland

Hamelin, Rick

Hamilton, Victoria E. ('Vicki')

Hamm, Bob

Hammel, David

Handrow, Wes

Hanley, Cheryl

Hansen, Tony

Hardin, Vicki

Harman, Cameron

Harris, Jeanette

Harrison, Janis

Harrison, Scott

Harrison, Steve

Hartom, John

Harvey, Reid

Hatcher, Gary and Daphne

Haviland, Brian

Hawks, Stephen

Haworth, Les

Hay, Graham

Hayes, Erin

Hayhoe, Carenza

Hefty, Kimi

Heimann, Mark

Hellman, Bonnie

Henderson, Anji

Hendley, David

Hendrix, Taylor*/

Hengst, Christy

Henley, Chris

Henriksen, Torgeir L.

Hensley, Richard

Hepner, Fadra

Herbert, Joseph

Herman, Paul

Hermans, Guenter

Herring, Pam

Herz, May

Hess, Jason

Hesselberth, John

Hewitt, David

Hewitt, Elizabeth

Hill, Dan

Hluch, Kevin

Hoffman, Sam

Holder, Dawn G.

Holdread, Joy

Holland, Lea

Hollingsworth, Priscilla

Holstrom, Nisse

Holt, Gary

Hood, Jean

Horie, Ayumi

Horne, Mary-Helen

Horner, John

Hoskins, Don

Hought, Joy

House, Sarah

Howard, Arnold

Howard, Beverly

Howard, Des

Howard, Kay

Howard, Martin

Howell, Alton

Howkins, Steve

Hoyman, Jan

Hudson, Marc

Huel, Paul and Carole

Hughes, Charles

Hughes, Ryan

Hull, Jesse

Humphries, Tommy

Hurt, Karin

Imes, Michael

Irvine, Steve

Isaksson, Isak

Issenberg, Mark

Jackson, Peter Wakefield

Jacobson, Mel

Jaffe, Lee

James, Denys

Jarosz, Cat

Jaslow, Jancy

Jeffery, Richard

Jeffries, Katrina

Jenks, Louise

Jensen, Barb

Jensen, Jay

Jensen, John

Johnson, Cathy ('Kate')

Johnson, Christy

Johnson, Cyndi

Johnson, John

Johnson, Logan

Johnston, Dan

Johnston, Jeff

Jones, Bill

Jones, Chris

Jones, Don

Jones, Gordon ('Gordo')

Jones, Maggie

Jorgensen, Joanna

Judson, Gay

Juhasz, Edit

Kaiser, Janet

Kang, Ken

Kaplan, Debbie

Kaplan, Jonathan,,88298,00+en-uss_01dbc.html,,93171,00+en-uss_01dbc.html,,74016,00+en-uss_01dbc.html,,63244,00+en-uss_01dbc.html,,104732,00+en-uss_01dbc.html

Karaffa, Bill

Kasper, Jim

Katz, Louis

Katz, Mishy (Michelle Lowe)

Kell, Samantha

Kelley-Galin, Deborah

Kelly, Mick

Kelly, Sam

Kelsey, Wendy

Kennedy, Terri

Kenney, Diane

Kerr, Kathrine

Kielman, Mike and Julene

Kiffney, Cathy

Kilpatrick, Holly and Mert

Kimball, Kathleen

King, Marsha B.

King, Peter

Kinsinger, June

Kinzie, Sandy

Kirby, Kathryn

Kirkendall, Jonathan

Kitchens, Nan Thurn

Klauzer-Zimmerman, Jessica

Klotz, Joan

Kneppel, Laurie

Knott, Mark

Knudson, Karl

Kobler, Barbara

Koch, Rev. George Byron

Koenig, Marsha

Kohler-Camp, Pamela

Koller, George

Koonce, Lucien

Korn, Roger

Kostas, Rosos

Kotula, Mitch

Kouba, Llewellyn

Kraft, Ed

Krakowski, Lili

Kraman, Suzanne

Kramer, Merrill

Kristoffy-Hewlett, Joyce A

Krueger, Earl

Kruzewski, Jacqui

Kudlacek, John

Kuilema, Mary

Lale, Newt

Lamont, Greg

Lampert-Rudman, Debra

Landowski, Kristin

Lange, Peter®ionname=Auckland

Latka, Tom and Jean

Latorre, Karen

Lauwers, Taty

Lawrence, Jeff

Lawrence, Les

Lawton, James

Lazaroff, Terrance

Le Boulch, Renean

Leabu, Sue

Leach, Leah

Leake, Chris

Leary, Lori

Leary-Heinz, Helena

Lee, Gary,%20Wood%20&%20Glass%20Gallery/Rising%20Sun%20Pottery.JPG

Lee, Leslie

Lee, Mary

Lee, Steven D.

Leek, Bob

Lehman, Jean

Leonard, Cliff

LeSueur, Kathi (Kate)

Levin, Victor

Lewing, Paul

Lewis, Ivor

Lewis, Jenny

Lewis, Kim

Lindaberry, D. Kim

Lindsley, Gregg Allen

Lockett, John

Logue, Patrick

Lombardo, Marianne

Longtin, Jeff

Lopez, Lionel

Lord, Barb

Lotz, Chic

Lou, Nils

Love, Lee

Lovejoy, Jon

Lucero, Christie

Lucius, Bill

Luk, May

Lund, Barb

Lundgren, Mary Lou

Lykens, Scott

Lynch, Tim

Lyness, Amanda

Lyons, Mitch

Mace, Rick

Maguire, Susan

Mahaffey, Rick

Mahler, Ilene

Mahmood, Asim

Major, Leava

Malmgren, Rick

Maltbie, Thom

Mann, Barbara

Mann, Paula

Mann, Val

Marhanka, Dale

Marians, Carol

Marie-Mitchell, Kim (Kim Marie)

Marineau, Mick

Marks, Peter and Bonne

Mars, Gina

Marsh, Tony

Marshall, Lee

Marshall, Will Levi

Martell, Craig,27/index.html

Martens, Lela

Martens, Toni

Martino, Mike

Masta, Bob

Matray, Marta (Gloviczki)

Matthews, Wayne

Maves, Kathryn

Maxwell, Deborah (Bassett)

Maxwell, Odin

McAuley, Jocelyn

McBeth, David

McBride, Bunny

McCall, Randy

McCalla, Rebecca

McCarthy, Gail

McDonald, Kathy

McDougal, Katy

McDowell, Michael

McLeod, Jeremy

McMillan, Fabienne

McPhee, Claudia

McRaine, Dean

Meacham, Lindsay

Meaders, David

Meadors, Sandy

Means, Denny

Meiners, Dennis

Melstrom, William

Melville, Françoise

Menec, Ama

Mercer, Graham

Merlino, Jack

Meya, Amy

Michaels, Louise

Michaelson, Carol-Ann

Michaude, Joyce

Mickelson, Dorie

Mickey, Shane

Middleman, Lee

Miller, Harold

Miller, Jacqueline A. ('Jackie')

Miller, K Sam

Miller, Nathan

Miller, Sandy

Miller, Sequoia

Mills, Steve

Minarik, Jiri

Mindling, Eric

Miranda, Sharon LaRocca

Mirza, Shazia

Mitchell, Billie

Moe, Janet

Molatore, Nick

Molinaro, Joe

Mondloch, Mark and Sylvia

Montague, Caroline

Moore, Julie

Moore, Rose

Moraes, Rubia

Morgan, Marty

Moriarty, Mary Jane

Mosley, Linda

Mottet, Gretchen

Motzkin, Judith

Mouritzen, Priscilla

Moynihan, David

Murphy, Barbara

Murphy, Jamie and Christine

Murray-Smith, Jane

Murrow, Hank

Musicant, Judy

Mustric, Crystal

Myers, Dyann

Nabel, Jorge

Nagle, Beth Ellen

Nathan, Edy

Navarre, Gary

Naylor, Ralph

Neale, Zahidi

Nebeker, Susan

Neese, Dale ("Dale Tex")

Nelson, Crista

Nelson-Moore, Judy

Newlin, Cathi

Newman, Dennis

Newman, Eric

Nez, Katheleen

Nicholas, Donna

Nichols, Gail

Nicholson, Bob

Nicholson, Scott

Nicosia, Donna

Norris, John

Nowicki, Ken

O'Briant, Neal

O'Brien, Patricia ('Pat')

O'Brien, Randy

O'Connell, Abby

O'Neill, Brian Thomas

O'Neill, Sara

O'Reilly, Kat

Oliver, Elaine

Olsen, Tony

Ortolano, Darby

Ostman, Lasse

Outlaw, Merry A.

Overall, Kim

Pacini, Jon

Paget, Fred

Pahl, Linda

Pall, Sherri

Palmquist, Diane

Pancioli, Diana

Pankhurst, Margaret ('Margie')

Park, Susan

Parker, Frederick ('Fred')

Parry-Thomas, Stephen

Pasqual-Pruitt, Theresa

Patsy, Steve

Pearce, Gaff

Pearlman, Emily

Peck, Wendy

Pedersen, Heather

Pene, Nancy

Penman, Nettie

Pennington, Jonathan

Pereira, Christine

Perry, June

Peterson, Nicole

Peterson, Ronan

Petit, Patti

Petrin, Mark

Pettyjohn, John Lorenzo ('Jon')

Pfeiffer, Dan and Laurel

Phatak, Alka

Philbeck, Ron

Phillips, Deborah Yakimono

Phillips, Gail

Phillips, Lea

Phillips, T.

Pierce, Ric

Pigott, Gwyn Hanssen

Pike, Connie and Bob

Pilachowski, Stephen ("Spilacho")

Pine, Greg

Pinkul, Rose and Fred

Pinnell, Pete

Pitelka, Vince

Plamondon, Andie (Carpenter)

Poburka, Philip ('Phil')

Pollex, John

Porter, Patrica

Possoz, Anne

Post, John

Potgieter, Cobus

Poulsen, Inge M

Poulton, Irene

Povod, Felix

Powers, Jane

Powning, Peter

Prange, Sally Bowen

Prather, Mike

Price, Betsy

Price, LeRoy

Priddy, Elizabeth

Prince, Sarah

Pulley, Robert

Putnam, Jacki

Quinn, Brenda

Raffi, Valice

Raghavan, Veena

Ranga, B.R.K.

Rau, Patty

Reeve, Ben

Regentin, Pamela ('Pam')

Reid, Liisa

Reis, Heloisa

Reutter, Laura

Reyes, Kim

Reynolds, Phil

Rhoades, Kathy

Rhodes, Michelle

Rhudy, Dannon

Rice, Martin

Rich, Felicity

Rickenberg, Anita

Riggs, Charlie and Linda

Ringo, Paul

Rizzo, Donna

Robbins, Nora

Roberts, Rebecca

Roberts, Sheron

Robinson, Shanna

Robocon, Jody

Rodgers, John ('Jonothon')

Rogers, Phil

Rolley, Wesley

Romoda, Vera

Rosen, Linda

Rosen, Wendy

Rosenberg, Jack

Rosenberg, Toby

Ross, Don and Maureen

Rossol, Monona

Rothwell, Nan

Roubik, Janine

Rowe, Eric

Roy, Ron

Rubin, Jewel

Russell, Gail

Russell, Jason

Russell, Ken

Ruth, Meryl

Ryan-Jordan, Leanne

Sachar, Charan

Sadow, Harvey

Salazar, Jim Bob

Salles, Jaime

Sanami-Morrill, Don and Isao

Sandin, Teresa

Sanger, C.A. (Cheryl)

Santerre, Bob

Saultman, Dan

Schafale, Chris

Schmuki, Jeff

Schnell, Donald

Schnelten, Kristin

Schosha, Malcolm

Schran, William ('Bill') R.

Schwartz, Debby

Scotchie, Virginia

Scott, Dai and Dan

Scott, Snail

Seiberlich, Janelle

Selfridge, Carol and Richard

Sell, Stephen

Selsor, Marcia

Semler, Daniel

Semple, Ann

Sena, Lois

Serebrin, Mallory

Serley, Diane

Serritella, Eric

Sharapan, Luba

Sharon, Ababi

Sharpe, Lois

Shaw, Joe

Shea, Tracy

Shelor, Pam

Shepard, James

Sheppard, William

Sherman, Marcey

Shimbo, Fara ('Fa')

Shirley, Sylvia

Shmueli, Israel

Sholtis, Michelle

Shreve, Judy

Shulenburg, Ronda

Silver, Jeanie

Silverman, Adam

Simoncelli, Chris

Sims, Judy

Singer, Jon

Sipe, Lee

Sitaram, Annapoorna

Sizemore, Darnie

Skeen, Audrey

Skeen, Lisa

Skillman, Cindy (Strnad)

Slade, Doris

Slahta, Deborah

Smart, Conseil

Smiser-Bowers, Lynn

Smith, Janet

Smith, Jennifer

Smith, Leonard

Smith, Marcella

Smith, Nan

Smith, Stacy

Snyder, Forrest

Solla, Alex and Nancy

Solliday, Dan

Soltysiak, Dawn

Sondahl, Brad

Sopp, Janine

Sottile, Joy

Southwood, Pat

Sowers, Michael

Speakman, Burness

Speakman, Teresa

Speck, Susan

Speer, Julia

Speers, Jim

Staffel, Bonnie

Stanley, Chris

Starr, Janet

Stearns, Fran

Stebenne, Marianne

Stecker, Kathy

Steele, Tim

Stephenson, Stephani

Stevens, Dennis

Stevens, Ken

Stewart, Alan

Stichter, Beth Cavener

Stiles, Marilyn

Still-Hanline, Libby

Storm, LaShawnda Crowe

Stover, Lance

Strayer, Mark

Sullivan, Karen

Sullivan, Terry

Summar, Ann

Sweigard, Sheri Leigh

Swenson, Ric

Swinson, Ken

Sydnor, Jim

Syed, Idris Kabir

Tague, Carol

Talbott, Marshall and Celia

Tall, Cheryl

Tarshis, Sheila

Taunton, Tim

Taylor, Dan and Joanne

Taylor, Paul

Tejero, Marilu (Guzman)

Terpstra, Karen

Tesar, Sandra ('Sandy')

Testa, Ann

Testa, Teresa

Tetkowski, Neil

Tigges, Mark

Tilton, John

Tilton, Phyllis

Timpany, Gene

Tisa, Benedict

Tomich, Samantha

Tourtillott, Suzanne

Towne, Maggie

Trabka, Chris

Travis, Pat

Trill Guillot, Mariel

Truesdell, Jason

Tsukamoto, Darlene

Tucker, Don Rush ("Artimator")

Tuley, Philip

Tullis, Clyde

Turkel, Marni

Turner, Tom

Turton, Marg

Turton, Michael

Tygart, John

Unterschuetz, Kurt and Caryn

Valenzuela, Kat

Van Bezooyen, Joanne L.

Van der Sluys, Norman

van Gilder, Bill

Van Rens, Bob

VanVleck, Sheryl A.

Vedel, Iben

Veiberg, Randi Jean

Verbrugge, Lesley

Verbruggen, Marc

Vernon, Jane

Villines, Sharon

Vitlin, Boris

Vohra, Angad

Voth, Brian

Wag, Rita

Wagener, Susan

Wagoner, Chuck

Wakely, Garry

Walker, Dick

Walker, Geoff*/

Wandless, Paul

Wang, Peter

Ward, Andy

Ward, Jenni

Ward, Marc

Waring, Connie

Watkins, Paul

Wearley, Reg and Kay

Weaver, Bill

Webb, Anne

Weber, John and Dorothy

Weckwerth, Nancy

Wehrman, Pat

Weitman, Maurice

Wellings, Anne

Wendt, Michael

Westfall, Kenneth D.

Wheeler, Norman ('Norm')

Whelon, Gari

White, Catherine

White, Debbie

White, Mary

Whittaker, Richard

Whittle, Gillian

Wichman, Debi

Wilburton, Iris

Wild, Kurt

Wilks, Kelley

Willett, Jim and Cindy ("Cindy Clarke")

Willis, Belinda

Willis, Melinda

Willoughby, Liz

Wilson, Lana

Wilson, Tracy

Wilt, Bob

Wimsatt, Genice

Winter, Natalie

Winters, Diane

Wirt, Tom

Wisner, Michael

Witman, Tom

Woest, June

Wolf, Sabine

Wolfe, Suzanne

Wong, Eric

Wood, Sabra

Wood, Tim

Woodhead, Derek and Maggie

Woods, Deborah

Woodside, Jane

Worthington, Tim

Wright, Ron

Wuetherick, Rod

Wunderlich, Janis Mars

Yamashita, Mary Ella

Yancey, Ken

Yarnetsky, Darlene

Yeip, Amy

Yellin, Robert

Yocono, Jamie Ann

Yokel, Fred

Young, Candace

Yount, Kristin

Zamek, Jeff

Zappa, Nick and Joan

Zayas, Adam

Zeek, Mary Lou

Zeis, Jeanette

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Helen Bates
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William & Susan Schran User on thu 12 oct 06

On 10/11/06 11:56 AM, "Helen Bates" wrote:

> Schran, William ('Bill') R.


Thank you for all of your hard work with providing "places" to go on

I also have a new web site:

Would you please add this to my list of URL's above?

You may also remove:
As this is old & gone.

Thanks, Bill

-- William "Bill" Schran
Fredericksburg, Virginia