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pottery equipment sale asheville area

updated tue 10 oct 06


Bonnie Staffel on sun 8 oct 06

Dear Clayarters,

A potter friend and former student of mine, asked me to post to Clayart
about the sale of her pottery studio. She is located in the Asheville =
and she wants to sell it in its entirety. You can email her at for a complete list of what is for sale. A few of =
items include a Skutt 1227 with kiln sitter, timer with an Orton Vent =
Ohaus triple beam scale with weights, a Talisman sieve with extra =
screen, an
Airbrush and many other studio items too numerous to mention here.. =20
Buyer takes all for $2500 for items that on today's market are valued at
just under $6,000. =20

Contact Nirado for complete details by email.

Thank you.

Bonnie Staffel
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