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be in a book offer's o.k alyssa

updated sat 7 oct 06


logan johnson on fri 6 oct 06

No worries Alyssa,
My original post offering a "discount " price of $600.00 was clearly written as a smart a#% joke response to a real $900.00 offer. I'm not trying to scam anyone. In fact here's my reply to Nicole's post : .

>>No Problem Nicole!
I'm waiting for my 20-30 ZILLION british & intl. lottery payments to start before I can work on "The great end all be all coffee table book" .;oD Hmmmmm....... Come to think about it I may need all those email lottery winnings just so I can have a coffee table built that will hold it. Talk about a traveling art exibit! Picture a LARGE dark empty room with a HUGE coffee table with a book on it, lit by a single spotlight. People flocking to stand in line just so they can walk past & flip through the pages. OMG!! NOW it's interactive!! Quick! raise the ticket prices!!!
You know what's scary? This is such an absurd Idea for an exibition I can almost belive it would work! <<
Have a good one !
Alyssa Ettinger wrote:

just an fyi as i've said before: i spent most of my career in publishing.
these books make money because people pay to be in them. no real publisher
does this. ever.


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