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whose head is ugly? artist statements - stories...

updated thu 5 oct 06


Lee Love on thu 5 oct 06

On 10/4/06, Richard Mahaffey wrote:

> It is the Artist's statements, hang tags, promotional blurbs and so
> forth that help the buyer understand "the story" and makes the piece
> mean something more than just owning a pretty object.

I believe work should be able to stand by itself, if it is going
to speak to people beyond our time and culture.

Artists statements are more about the artist than the work.
Like Tony C. said a while ago, I am not so interested in "the how" as
I am "the why." Artist statements can clarify this.

How can we know anything about a person's work via the
internet if they won't post images of their work or share their
reasons for making it? Technical information or beating down
other people's work just ain't enough.

Lee in Mashiko, Japan
"Let the beauty we love be what we do." - Rumi
"When we all do better. We ALL do better." -Paul Wellstone