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resolving tech issues on clayart

updated fri 29 sep 06


mel jacobson on thu 28 sep 06

i have always allowed folks to vent with problems
they are having with manufactured tools/kilns/wheels.

in most cases, the vendors read clayart every day.

it is important to do, as fred parker has done....thank the
company when they do give good service. correct a problem
with dignity.

CI is a good company. they do not deserve to be `mud splattered`.
we all know examples of failures from every clay vendor in the world.
it just happens.

clayart is a dandy test market tool for both potter and vendor.

we try very hard to keep the playing field level.

we also know, from vast experience, many problems with
tools are `pilot error`. some folks just don't have a clue how
to run, maintain, or use tools. it is beyond them...of course
the first one to blame is the vendor...`hey, it was not my fault,
that three inch bolt just happen to be in that log, and how was
i suppose to know that a chain saw could not cut steel? i want
a new chain saw.` i only fired my electric kiln to cone 16. why
should that cause a problem?`

in many cases, the wheels, kilns and clay bodies that folks
are getting, are far superior to the folks using them.

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