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mal/function of tools

updated fri 29 sep 06


mel jacobson on thu 28 sep 06

wayne has a very good point.

we are working with a friends car kiln.
he is a very experienced, serious, fine potter. his kiln
is state of the art...power blowers, good gas pressure,
the same kiln he has used for fifteen years.

he moved to a new location.
rebuilt the kiln from the same bricks, same damper,
same burners.
very expensive stack.

it will not fire with any consistency.

he has changed his schedule.
taken apart the blower to check for dead mice.
increased gas, decreased gas.
every thing he the same as before.

many of us are amazed and baffled.
it just stalls. no reason for it.
it just stalls.

and, we have some very experienced folks (donovan palmquist)
and others that have sought a reason.
there just is not a reason. (that we can find.)

so. goes beyond us.
and in his case, firing with propane, a very expensive beyond.

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