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cushing's handbook price

updated fri 29 sep 06


karen gringhuis on thu 28 sep 06

Posting at the request of Elsie Cushing --

After holding it's price for several years, the price
of Cushing's HANDBOOK will be $27 including shipping
effective October 1. This is primarily due to postage

To get a HANDBOOK, send $27 to: Elsie Cushing 1497
Waterwells Road R R #1 Box 236 Alfred Station NY

(IMHO still an excellent value. FYI, my precis of
contents follows. No, I don't get a cut!)

Designed as a compendium of handouts accompanying
Cushing's class lectures, it has six sections:

Book list - over 70 books (both in and out of print)
and mags. both technical and inspirational

1. Clay Bodies and Raw Materials - notes on specific
raw materials; analyses of specific clays; recipes
for slips and clay bodies; method for terr sig with
and without a ball mill; more

2. Firing - bisque and glaze

3. Glazes and Glaze Formulation - explanation of UMF;
limit formulas; constructing your own C/9 base glaze;
conversion of a C/9 glaze to C/6; developing C/9
base glazes by BATCH WEIGHTS of materials; analyses
of feldspars and frits; common colors produced in
various types of glazes = very concise summary of
expected results with a given coloring oxide in a
given type of base glaze - in my OPINION, this section
is fairly unique & alone is worth the price of the
book; notes on color; more

4. Pottery Making Info - weights for various forms;
lids; an overwhelming number of ideas of what to make;

5. Glaze Recipes - over 100 recipes incl. low fire,
C/6, C/9-10

This is a summary, NOT an inclusive list of the
contents. Further qns, anyone feel free to write me
back off list.

Karen Gringhuis
KG Pottery
Box 607 Alfred NY 14802

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